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  • how to compil master
  • how to compil slave
  • how to compile netglub GUI on GNU Linux

in how to compil for more details

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Where is the download link !

  • Hi,
    it’s a good question. We’re waiting for public downloading. A this time, downloading and beta testing is just « under cover » for guys i know IRL.
    But if you still want to be anonymous, you’ll have to wait 2 months more. In november Netglub 0.5 will be available in « public » release.
    Best regards,

  • Hi Goulag,

    is there any way to get in touch with you other than the commenting system?


  • Since I did not have much going on this past weekend I thought to install Netglub. And, I want my hours back.

    First off, what build of Linux was used for the examples? I assumed Ubuntu, but ran into issues right out of the gate with v10.

    Secondly, is there a recommended location to place Netglub? Seems to be very sensitive to its location as the script ran into issues.

    Finally is there a recommended order for the GUI, master and slave? Which should be installed first? Or doesn’t it matter?

    Need to flesh out these instructions a bit more.

  • Thank you very much for your open source and free software.

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