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    Getting started with Netglub

    « The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began, Now far ahead the Road has gone »
    The Fellowship of the Ring, R.R. Tolkien

    What you need to know before using neglub.

    Entities :

    These atomic pieces of information are yet these organized in 2 topics:

    Infrastructure repository:

    • Dns name

    • Domain name

    • Ip Adress

    • Ip Subnetwork

    • Message Exchanger record

    • Name server Record

    • Url

    • Website

    Personnal :

    • Email adress

    • Person

    • Phrase

    Transforms :

    These request that discover entities from input entities. Obviously these entities must have direct an logical links.

    you should have a look to the reference guide.

    My first transform

    1.Create your graph

    First open a new graph (File > New) or new document icon
    You have now a « Default Graph » tab, that you should change to organize your future tabs !

    e.g : Let’s name it « my first », you can perform this with (File > Save |File > Save as…).

    2.Choose your entities :

    Drag and drop an entity from the palette window to your graph.
    You have to fill the dialog box with entity properties.

    e.g :
    a. Drag and drop entity ‘Domain name’ to your graph.
    b. Fill ‘Domain name’ name and surname in the text area, « »

    3. Apply transform :

    Right-click your entity an choose a transform or all the transforms to apply

    e.g :
    a. On your ‘domain name’ entity and apply ‘Default>To Domaine name [TLD]‘:
    b. you get every google national domain name.

    4.Grabbing further open source information:

    Following our example, Right-click on ‘’ then choose the (Apply all transforms)
    Wait till it shake… and Enjoy !

    You can select whether with a standard mouse, but you will appreciate using the search and select feature that allow you to select a kind of entity in order to apply it dedicated transforms (have a look at the google icon).

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